Who is DOC Media?

DOC Media is a media business that covers all areas from Content Creation, Media Training Courses, and Business Marketing using the media. The premise in all is that Connection is King over and above content. This is to not dismiss the critical nature of remarkable content, but only as far as being a tool for remarkable connection. Connection creates an an opportunity for influence, and with an opportunity for influence comes your chance to change culture.

"DOC" stands for Director of Connection.


Content Creation

The Luke and Susie radio show is networked across stations throughout Australia and is also a podcast listened to around the world.

Luke and Susie are a unique husband and wife radio duo with chemistry and belly laughs hard to rival.

Connection Marketing

Learn how to use radio competitions and advertising as well as cheap and free online tools to grow your business.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to learn everything about growing your business because often it will send you way out of your comfort zone. 


Coaching Community

If you aspire to be a radio announcer, host a podcast, or are actively involved in audio media in any way our community of experts will help develop you to chase an exciting media future.

From short courses, to online community memberships, to V.E.T. training.